Writing Prompt – Week 3 Winner! #SpecFic

Author Kyle Perkins

This week’s SpecFic writing prompt winner is S.J. Wolford!!!

The prompt this week was: A world famous magician randomly selects someone from the audience to assist in an illusion. Little does the magician know, the volunteer is capable of real magic.

This was her entry:

“They say he’s the best of the best,” Omalia beamed as they neared the back of the crowd. “And all on account of those potions he brews.”

“Is that so?” Lettie raised a skeptical brow. The girl always was the most gullible of the bunch.

If there was any truth to this Master of Sorcery’s boastful claims, the potion he peddled might give their little crew a nifty advantage.

Unfortunately – if the condition of his stage was any indication – he was a regular old snake oil salesman and their evening would be a wasted one. Still, there had to be some way to…

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