Reality, what is it?

Author Kyle Perkins

By Kyle Perkins.

I was thinking to myself today, “why do we need sleep?” Which led me down a rabbit hole. Think about this. You go a day without sleep, you feel groggy, worn out, but what happens after that? Day two, you lines become blurry, the universe around you almost vibrates. When you go a few days or more without sleep, you start having auditory hallucinations. After several days, you start to have daylight hallucinations, seeing things that absolutely should not be there. Now, you go a couple days without good sleep and you have crazy vivid dreams, and anyone that has ever went on a drinking bender can tell you that, mainly due to the lack of good sleep you get when you’ve declared war on your liver. What’s weird to me is, if you don’t get good sleep for several days in a row, you hallucinate, but…

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